Holistic Healing Ixtlilton

Holistic Healing Ixtlilton

I offer a variety of energy based holistic mechanisms to bring physical, mental and spiritual healing.  Helping promote peace, self-love, and positive mind flow, for humans as well as animals.

I am an Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master, Reiki Animal Practitioner, and Reiki Crystal Master.  I am knowledgeable in meditation with mudras, sound and sacred breath.  I am guided by my ancestors and spirit.

Services provided:

Emotional Release:  Non-invasive, hands-on with light touch and/or through quantum energy via text, zoom, or email that focuses on clearing cellular memory of physical, mental, and emotional trauma through subconscious work.  When releasing trapped emotions, it facilitates physical and emotional balance and recovery so that you may live a happier life.  I use magnetic energy to release emotional trauma.  

I also release heart-wall emotions, that are created by our subconscious mind to protect our heart from grievous injury.    

Reiki Energy:  Non-invasive hands-on or energetic healing therapy.   

I use the modalities I provide to help dissolve all negative boundaries away so that you may move towards infinite healing for the highest and greatest good of you.  Feeling every cell within your body vibrating with pure positive energy.  A new jump start to your soul.  With grace and joy that brings cleansing, healing qualities along with awareness of unconscious patterns being cleared away.